The Situation Story

(A study in Persian Novels)






in İranian novels



By:Alireza  Seyfeddini










Every sudden story as told by Shahrzad for  Shahrbaz  during thirty night's  of telling the stories  including Sind-bad  534th  night to 566th  night  of the  thousand and  one nights,while  trying to stop the ruler from  killing  her,start  all of a sudden.They involve  abrupt  changes  of directions and  events and end in the sultan's suddenly sleeping.All the Sindbad's  seven long travels  through  seven  seas,evolving through  the sweet and bitter events which  have  suddenly  entered  the frightened  mind  of Shahrzad  start with the king's pointing his finger to order  her beheadings.

Each  time the stories begin abrupt from a zero start and Sindbad travels from one island to another from one sudden event to another one until it ends by sleeping,of that time's ruler.But when do these stories take place? Where do these stories and travels take  the readers to?They start suddenly by king's suddenly pointing his figer and one by one the stories are continiuesly told  every night like the wagons of a train moving on straight-lined  rails in an abrupt follow-up,e.g.."I traveled from one island to another from one sea to another and through it all I bought and sold where ever I arrived.

In aforementioned story one can easily notice the tools to mix two events /two stories;the sudden event of ship's wreck while hitting a rock near a falacical island.While going from one series of stories to others,one comes upon the term of "suddenly  Sindbad".Therefore, one confronts the following tow types of Sindbad:

1-Suddenly Sindbad story

2-The beautiful sudden Sindbad story

There is also a Third sudden happening;like all other stories the black point of the pen starts writing on a white piese of paper.

As Gaston  Bachelard  points out;"The  white paper's existence end in pain "or ,"The story telling is only a way of escaping from the unreachable wishes".

Precisely, traveling from inside during which the "earthly manners",having been influenced by the foundations which turn the path to "BOOF e Koor"with all the unselfish self of the writer.Boof e koor  meaning the "Blind Owel" is a novel by famous contemporary Iranian farsi writer Sadegh Hedayat.

It is a story of an un-orthodox woman which acts far from the earth,manners.Through it all one can feel the "situation and other situations".The story teller,by looking thiefishly through a key-hole,tells the story of the Boof e Koor whilst,the guards are always walking to and fro.

The troopers are standing / walking by the opening to remind the writer of the closed past event.To remind him of his duties of the earthly manners. But as the novelist claims he only tries to remember his childhood happenings-the past story which seems to be like a distant dream.In the book he reminds:"When everything seemed hopeless, the dreams came around".

The novel,whether a dream or a means to escape from one's self wishes must be a comprehensible story;a travel unlike the sudden presence of Sindbad.However,like "Fakhri" and "fakhri-o-Alnesa" of "Shazdeh Ehtejab" by Houshangh Golshiri or(Another novel by Sadegh Hedayat) are precisely two names for one woman;Sadegh Hedayat's new way of suddenness bewildering the reader.

For example reference is made to "A dead man's wet believes" Mohammad Mohammadali which unlike the suddenly Sindbad,but ,more like Boofe Koor he suddenly  sees a girl with a water container on her shoulder suddenly appearing from behimd the hills; Anyways,the long story of "a dead man's wet believes" is also entangled with our paintull historical past.The past which drives us to a three-some ,like a triangular connection.This painfull past always drives the story teller towards a two-sided magnets. Two Haewets  from eaem of which arises a worian of un-orthodox nature.Eventhough,each one of them appears to be a regular ordinary person, like Boof e Koor's ,they comprise of only one bad evil woman.

Therefore,the presence of always heavy painfull past's foundation on one side acting against his will on the other side leads the Persian novelist by shouting:"Can't you see,it isn't of who remembers the past,but it is the historical past which forces itself into hy memory /mind".

As mohammadali in book named,"The Mirrors" Says:"We are always confronted with two opposing elements:Advancing elements an retractive elements."The birth of advances art which is born by the artist's creative mind and the out-dated art wich overcomes his un-realized self.

Throughout all the see sample novels the old travels –there lies that old weary ,The indulgence of the writer in a literary works is in an abrupt from a beginning:

All the world's long and short stories start abruputly.They are suddenly started by timidly pointing the tip of a pen on a white piece of paper.This abrupt  beginning of the stories arises from a mixed feeling of two worlds-the world of telling and the world of writing.




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